Tabitha Sweeney - Wellness Coach, Co-Workspace Host, Stretch Therapist

Meet Tabitha Sweeney, a wellness coach, holistic health specialist, and workplace solution provider for the women of Western New York! With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Tabitha's passion shifted towards helping women reduce the everyday stress or guilt that burdens them and recognize their self-worth. So don't languish any longer, come learn self-love, body positivity, and authenticity from Tabitha Sweeney WNY's champion for women's perosnal development.

About Tabitha Sweeney

Tabitha began her journey in the fitness industry with one goal: helping people lose weight and get healthy. After becoming a mother in 2014 and experiencing postpartum depression, she decided to take a different approach. So, Tabitha built a new kind of fitness focused on self-acceptance and empowerment instead of losing weight. In 2022, Tabitha closed her business as another step in unlocking even more women’s potential by pursuing wellness coaching opportunities which enabled her to help more people on a larger scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel like learning more about what you can gain from working with Tabitha? Here are some FAQs to get you started:

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Tabitha works with clients to set attainable goals and provides feedback, support, and guidance throughout the wellness journey. She focuses on personalized coaching while offering coworking space rental and stretch sessions tailored to individual needs. She aims to strengthen clients’ personal well-being, improve holistic health, and provide an ideal, temporary work environment.

Tabitha offers personalized coaching, stretch sessions, and work spaces regardless of your level of health, self-improvement progress, or work experience. Clients of all backgrounds benefit from her tailored wellness plans that include holistic fitness, mental health conditioning, and accommodating workspace sessions.

Tabitha’s one-on-one coaching and mastermind sessions last an hour and are tailored to individual goals. In these sessions, clients can expect expert self-improvement guidance, emotional wellness coaching, and motivation support as they work towards their particular self-help objectives.

Tabitha’s services are personalized to cater to the needs of each individual client, whether they choose to work one-on-one or in a group. Clients who prefer to one-on-one sessions can still benefit from services such as stretch and coaching sessions entirely alone, while when sharing a co-working space, they’ll have access to measures allowing them to work in peace, such as “Do-Not-Disturb” signs and headphones.

While Tabitha is dedicated to helping her clients with all aspects of their wellness journey, out-of-session guidance should be scheduled at least three days before the desired consultation. Depending on the nature and urgency of the request, additional fees may apply.

To inquire about discounts or payment plans, clients can easily reach Tabitha through email or text.

Tabitha uses various metrics to measure a client’s progress on different services while establishing realistic and measurable goals. Ongoing feedback, support, and guidance are some of the tools used throughout a client’s coaching or stretch sessions to track progress. Tabitha emphasizes self-awareness, reflection, introspection, and mindfulness and encourages clients to continually evaluate their journey towards their goals.

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