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Unlock your potential with Tabitha Sweeney - a champion & mentor of authenticity & self-worth! Tabitha's clients benefit from multiple solutions, including "The Stretch Room," a holistic approach to improving muscle function, gaining flexibility, and decreasing chronic aches and pains; Tabitha's goal audit coaching, which helps clients make changes to goal setting and personal growth.

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Meet Tabitha Sweeney:

Hey there! I’m Tabitha, a women’s empowerment warrior from Western NY, and I’m all about helping people transform their lives mentally and emotionally. As a holistic health therapist, women’s empowerment champion, and Allure coach, I’ve got you covered from all angles! I’ve been in the fitness game for over a decade and have helped countless people lose weight and stay healthy. But after becoming a mom in 2014 and experiencing postpartum depression, I realized that there was a bigger issue at play – the daily guilt and pressure that so many of us feel. That’s when I shifted my focus to creating a new kind of fitness that prioritizes self-acceptance and empowerment.

In 2022, I closed my fitness business to pursue coaching and mentoring opportunities, so I can help even more people on a larger scale. Now I work full-time helping women worldwide overcome the limits and hurdles set by society and develop a community of badass solo entrepreneurs from various industries. I’m all about authenticity, friendly sass, and helping you unlock your best self. Whether you need to improve your thought habits, set practical goals, or make positive introspective changes, I’ve got your back. So come on in and let’s kick some ass together!

I abides by three fundamental principles:

  1. You Are Worthy Because You Were Born
  2. You Cannot Live Authentically or Believe Your Full Worth Until You Accept Your Body As It Is
  3. Confidence is the Greatest Threat To The Patriarchy

These form the basis for my mission statement and programs.

I describe myself as a recovering people pleaser, mother of two children, active feminist, avid hiker & outdoor adventurer, dog lover, and empath. I invite everyone to unlock and take advantage of their true potential through goal management and holistic health. My services and solutions are designed for maximum impact, helping you get the most out of each session. So whether you seek to correct bad habits, conquer short and long term goals, or utilize self introspection, contact Tabitha today to get your journey started!

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Tabitha offers life-altering holistic health, goal auditing, and workspace solutions Western New York! With her signature Stretch Room, Allure wellness coaching sessions, and coworking solutions, you can unlock your potential and reach new heights.

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Goal Auditing & Wellness Coaching

Discover personal fulfillment and success with the Allure coaching service. These services help you harness your potential through tailored solutions that reach your individual wellness goals.

Get Back On Track With Goal Auditing Services!

Gain powerful insight into your personal and professional wellness. Unlock your full potential with our custom-made services, which include goal audit coaching, introspective wellness development, and mental health guidance. Take action today to reach the highest level of prosperity and fulfillment!

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